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Ishkq in Paris Movie Review


Read the Exclusive Ishkq in Paris Movie Review by Smita.
Ishkq in Paris Movie Review
Star-Cast: Preity Zinta, Rhehan Malliek, Isabelle Adjani
Director: Prem Raj
Producer: Preity Zinta, Neelu Zinta
Duration: 2 hrs 10 mins

When a fading actor produces a movie and then stars in it I am biased against the movie to begin with.. The tape saying, “Loser, just because no one else will feature you, you have to do it for yourself” won’t stop playing in my head. That’s pretty unfair I know but then life is like that.

It is more unfair because I have always like the peppy, pretty Preity. Well, she still has it all, except that she is a bit older and I don’t think there is anything one can do about that. Fortunately, she doesn’t play some tizzy collegian but probably a late 20s person, which sort of goes down ok.

The strangely named Ishq is the child of a French mother and Indian dad. The father abandoned the mom and kid when she was 7 and Ishq hates commitment and marriage because of this. She meets Akash, another product of a divorce who also hates marriage and they spend one night roaming around Paris. They meet again, fall in love but Ishq wont commit because she wont hurt her mom. Will she, wont she, explanations, epiphanies etc. happen till the end credits roll.

The problem is the story is too thanda. The 2 people have nothing unusual about them and the crises are too tepid to really make you reach for your tissues. You watch steadily as things happen and then go wrong and then turn right without missing a heartbeat or smiling to yourself. A love story has to reach out and grab you. This one merely brushes past and says sorry too.

Isabelle Adjani looks very, very weird in a strange hairstyle that covers her face totally. She looks stranger still in Indian clothes. Given that she has a pretty important role, she looks very lost. Rrehan Malik has a typical yuppie look and mild manner which is appealing in a matrimonial ad but not in a romantic movie.

This love story will leave you feeling pretty cold. Even beautiful Paris doesn’t lift it out its mediocrity. Best avoided.

Overall Review Verdict: A tepid love story makes this a mediocre watch
Ratings: 2/5


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